Harry explaining his first date deal breakers + and then later apologizing: 


still my favourite post in this website

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Happily - One Direction. First the center begins, then the left ear follows a few seconds later, and the right ear comes a few seconds after, causing a round effect (headphones recommended for full effect).

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grandma: you're 17? you're getting old aren't ya!

me: grandma you're like 80

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-If you do not laugh at 0.28s i am judging you.

-If you do not laugh at 1.39s i am judging you.

-If you do not laugh at 1.56s i am judging you.

-If you do not laugh at during this in general i am judging you.

oh my god, his laugh is contagious.

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It really aggravates me when I hear girls complain that their boyfriend didn’t buy them “this” or pay for “this”. He’s your boyfriend, not your source of income. Give me an old t-shirt of yours to sleep in, hold my hand in public and I’m happy.